Aquarium Stand Choices

Your aquarium stand may be an even more important purchase than the aquarium itself!

Think of it – you purchase everything you need, but decide you’ll just place your new aquarium on the bookshelf, saving you some money. Then, you come home one day to a soaked floor, dead fish and a huge mess.

An aquarium stand is specially designed to withstand the weight of not only the aquarium, but the water, substrate material (gravel or sand), fish, plants and decor as well! One place you should never try to save money is with your aquarium stand, for obvious reasons.

Acrylic aquariums can weigh up to three times less than glass aquariums and for this reason, the aquarium you choose is an important factor to consider when also choosing your stand.

Basically, there are three types of aquarium stands. The least expensive is an iron stand. An iron aquarium stand only holds the aquarium. Since it is completely open, you can not store any supplies on or in it, and you’ll also be able to see all of the cords. I don’t recommend iron stands for aesthetic as well as storage reasons.

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The second kind is a wood or wood-composite stand with an open front. These closely resemble a simple bookshelf, but are much stronger. These can hold your aquarium as well as some supplies on the shelf which usually sits below the aquarium. An open-front wood stand is a mid-grade option for an aquarium stand.

The third and best kind of stand, in my opinion, is the closed-front aquarium stand, sometimes called an aquarium cabinet. It is similar to the open-front stand, but has a cabinet door or doors on the front that close, enabling you to hide many supplies and all the cords under your aquarium and out-of-sight. By it’s very construction, this is also the strongest type of aquarium stand. It is also the most expensive, but as with most aquarium supplies, you get what you pay for.

Choosing an aquarium stand that matches your decor, your budget and your needs can be challenging, but it’s well worth the time involved in choosing the correct stand.

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