Aquarium Supplies – The Barest Necessities

One of the best things to buy used are aquarium supplies.  You’ll find aquarium supplies for sale in any newspaper or online classifieds, and this can be a great way to obtain exactly what you need to start your own home aquarium community!

The aquarium supplies you’ll need immediately are an aquarium, an aquarium filter, an undergravel filter, some kind of substrate like aquarium gravel, plants (plastic are easier to care for), water testing supplies, an aquarium heater and fish food.  These comprise the very basics of aquarium supplies and as long as you have these basics, you can always add extras as money allows.  Trust me, you’ll never be at a loss for accessories to buy for your aquarium!

When choosing aquarium supplies, make sure that what you are buying is appropriate for the size of the aquarium you have. As an example, the guidelines for an aquarium filter, in my opinion, are largely insufficient for the size aquarium they are supposed to be able to filter.  I would always recommend going up one size when it comes to an aquarium filter, i.e. if you have a 30-gallon aquarium, buy a filter for a 40-gallon aquarium.  Your aquarium water will be much healthier for your fish if you do this!

An aquarium heater is an essential part of your aquarium supplies initial purchase.  Tropical fish can’t live in a cold water environment, and they will not survive without an aquarium heater.  Goldfish, on the other hand, can survive without a heater as they are hardy fish and very adaptable.  Generally the water temperature will need to be compatible with the type of fish you keep, so do your research and adjust the water temperature accordingly.

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The substrate material is an important part of your aquarium supplies.  You need to make sure that your aquarium gravel or rock is not too small…if you have goldfish or a bottom-feeder, this substrate needs to be large enough so that it does not get lodged in the throat of these fish.  Goldfish especially love to suck up substrate and spit it out, so if you keep fancy goldfish, you’ll need to be especially aware of this.

Keeping in mind the type of fish you want to keep, your aquarium supplies purchases should be a relatively simple decision!  When in doubt, ask your local aquarium shop employees what they would suggest!

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