Betta Fish Supplies Your Siamese Fighters Will Appreciate

Siamese fighting fish are definitely one of the most popular fish that are usually kept solitary. If you ask any betta owner, you’ll hear that they are best known for their flowing fins, bright colors, and exciting personalities. There is a lot of debate online about what size fish tanks are best for bettas and what betta fish supplies are ultimately needed to properly take care of a pet betta fish.

When it comes to Siamese fighting fish, the size of the aquarium is quite important. Many pet store workers will say that bettas prefer smaller amounts of water. Bettas are able to breathe air thanks to a specialized modified gill. Because of this, they do not require large amounts of water for their oxygen needs. However, bettas definitely do better in aquariums that are larger than 1 gallon each. You don’t have to go out and buy a 10 gallon aquarium for every betta, but they will definitely be healthier if you stick to betta jars that are larger than one gallon.

Other betta fish supplies that are needed include foods, tank decorations, and water conditioner. Regarding betta foods, there are many options available on the market today. The best betta foods are provided by Ocean Nutrition and their two lines called “Atison’s Betta Pro” and “Atison’s Betta Food”. These foods were developed by a top Thai betta breeder and are great staple adult betta pellets.

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Fish tank decorations are on the list of needed betta fish supplies because your male bettas must be alone in a tank. If a fish has decorations to keep it amused, then its mood will be improved and the true personality can shine through! Some good decorations include live plants (including java ferns, anubias, and many more), driftwood pieces, fun rocks, and any number of funky and fun decor items.

Water conditioner is vital to the health of a betta splendens fish. Bettas need frequent water changes and city water often has chlorine or chloramine in the water to deter the growth of bacteria. These chemicals can be harmful to both the fish and the “good bacteria” that break down ammonia and nitrite in a betta jar. If these chemicals are not removed by a good water conditioner, the health of the betta may be jeopardized. Do your fish a favor, and consider some of these betta fish supplies today!

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