How To Safely Buy Fish Online

It is very easy to discover a fantastic species of fish online – one that will look perfect in your home aquarium. Unfortunately, many of the rarer species of aquarium fish are not easily purchased locally.  This means that hobbyists sometimes must resort to buying fish online – something that can be daunting the first few times it is done. By simply following a few easy tips, you can greatly improve the success rate when you buy fish online!

1 – Check the seller’s rating! If you are planning on buying fish from an auction site, there will almost always be some way that the sellers are rated by past buyers. Reading through the feedback to get a feel for the quality of the seller is a good way to decide if they are trustworthy. Look for comments about the quality of the person’s shipping techniques and the general health of fish received. If the breeder has something like 99% positive feedback, then chances are they sell top quality fish that are shipped professionally.

2 – Don’t be afraid to ask for multiple pictures when you buy fish online. If a seller is reputable and wants your business, they should be willing and able to provide multiple pictures of the actual fish up for sale. Providing generic species or strain images is not ideal, especially for such fish as bettas and gouramis. Do not be afraid to ask for more pictures to be able to judge the health and quality of the fish.

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3 – Ask for fast shipping times. Because fish are living creatures, they deserve proper care. Ideally, fish should be shipped with next-day shipping. Some species are better able to tolerate longer ship times and can handle 2 or 3 day shipping. Many fish will actually survive longer periods of time in transit, but in general, the shorter the shipping time, the better condition your new fish will be in. When you buy fish online, make sure the seller is able to ship with quick delivery times.

Following these quick tips will go a long way to helping improve your chances of success when buying aquarium fish online. So don’t hesitate to order that new species you’ve been dying to have!

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