The Space-Saving Corner Aquarium

Eclipse System Five Corner Aquarium Kit - 5 Gallon

Do you think your house, condominium or apartment is too small for a fish tank?  A corner aquarium may be exactly what you’re looking for!

Many aquarium enthusiasts like a corner aquarium because they look interesting and are also a space-saving alternative to a traditional rectangular aquarium.  Of course, you could always place a rectangular aquarium at an angle in a corner, but that takes up a much larger footprint than a corner aquarium because there is so much dead space left behind the aquarium.

When looking for a corner aquarium, take into consideration that they are normally narrow and tall instead of wide and short.  They can be tall squares, octagons or a number of other shapes.  Depending on how long each side is, you may need to invest in a biofilter that is made for corner tanks.

When choosing fish for your corner aquarium, keep in mind that you want a variety of top-, middle-, and bottom-feeders.  Since a corner aquarium is tall, you’ll want fish that populate each “section” of the tank.  You can tell which fish are which type by their mouth – does it open towards the top, middle, or bottom?  There’s your answer to which type it is!  Neat, huh?

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When purchasing your corner aquarium, you will also need a corner stand made specifically for holding the aquarium you buy.  Don’t take chances with old Aunt Edna’s corner plant stand or you will eventually come home to a wet mess, dead fish and a most-likely broken aquarium as well.  Make sure you buy furniture that is made to hold the immense weight of tank, water, gravel or other substrate, and fish combined.

A corner aquarium can be a welcome answer to someone wanting to get into fish-keeping but that simply doesn’t have the room for a traditional long aquarium.  They are space-saving, unique-looking, and will allow you to keep many different types of fish.

You’ll be able to spend many days and nights sitting back, just watching your beautiful fish enjoy your corner aquarium!

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