Something’s Fishy: Your Guide To Owning An Aquarium (Kindle Edition)

Something's Fishy: Your Guide To Owning An Aquarium

If you have ever bought a fish tank without really knowing what you were doing, then you know it can be a bit frustrating – especially if fish and plants die off unexpectedly. Many people don’t realize that spending a tiny bit of money on a book like “Something’s fishy: your guide to owning an aquarium” can save you tons of money long-term. If you do your research first and know what to expect before things happen, you can avoid disasters and have a beautiful fish tank full of healthy and vibrant fish, snails, and more!

Yes, an aquarium is a delight … but if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can turn into a nightmare that offers a grim choice: clean the tank constantly, or leave the poor fish to die a terrible death in increasingly vile water. Something’s Fishy: Your Guide To Owning An Aquarium answers so many of your questions: what fish to buy and what to feed them; choosing the proper aquarium and keeping it heated and filtered; what accessories will delight your fish; if fish can feel…

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